About US

Saltwater souls.

Eco-conscious ocean inspired fine jewellery designed for our ocean warriors, those woman of the sea. 

Inspired by our beautiful coastline, this collection captures the wild essence and raw beauty of nature. 

Our emblems of ocean connection are passionately created leaving only footprints in the sand.

Saltwater souls.

A collection of natural shells, ocean coloured gemstones and hand collected sea glass all handcrafted with recycled silver.

Saltwater Souls was born from a love of the sea, a passion for nature and an obsession with jewels.

Creator Halina, spends her summers by the beach in North Devon, surfing and sea glass hunting. Winters, she flys south, following the sun, exploring this beautiful planet. 

Driven by creativity and a love for all things blue, her jewellery collection combines sea glass, gemstones and shells to create unique designs for all those who share a connection to the ocean. 

Handcrafted in Woolacombe, Devon.

Following the seasons, winters are for adventuring this wonderful wide world, summers are for settling by the beach and creating.

All Saltwater Souls jewellery is handcrafted by myself in my little studio by the sea. 

Surrounded by the beautiful North Devon coastline, I am never short on spots to go sea glass collecting.

My inspiration is drawn from the sea, the sky, the landscape, all things wild and free. 

Sea glass is the ocean’s natural gemstone, a drop of it's entirety frozen in time. Shaped by the sea, these droplets are as mysterious as the ocean itself. Sea glass is a gift from the waves to the shore & represents the connection we all share to the water.

All Sea Glass is hand collected from the beautiful North Devon coastline & handcrafed into jewellery. Sea glass is natures own way of recycling and creating an ocean gem to be treasured by those who share a love for the ocean.

Handcrafted in Woolacombe,

North Devon.

This little village by the sea is where we work and play. Surrounded by the rugged english coastline and blessed with a beautiful playground of waves, you will find us beachcombing the shore or dancing on the water.

Eco Concious Jewellery

To protect what we love, our oceans and wild places, we strive to produce eco concsious jewellery.

Each piece is handmade in the UK, using recycled sterling silver. 

All our packaging is plastic free, recyclable or reusable. 

We actively beach clean when sea glass collecting and support our local charity Plastic Free Woolacombe.

Beach Weddings & Bridesmaids gifts

"Something old, something new,

something borrowed, something blue" 

Sea glass originates from old glass bottles that mother nature has recycled into unique wave smoothed ocean gems. Our unique creations are old and new, and blue!

We offer special packages for weddings and bridemaids gifts, so please get in touch.


At Saltwater Souls we give gratitude and support back to the sea. 

The ocean is our passion, our home, and we are dedicated to protecting it. Our ethical and environmentally conscious jewellery is created using recycled sterling silver.

All of our seaglass is hand collected from the beautiful North Devon coastline, along with any plastic with can find.

We donate 5% of our profits to ocean charities including our local charity Plastic Free North Devon, dedicated to reducing plastic flow into our sea.

We strive to reduce plastic where we can & our packaging is completely plastic free and recyclable.


All Saltwater Souls jewellery is displayed in recycled and recyclable jewellery box and beautifully packed in a jute hand stamped bag.

If you have a personalised message that you would like to include. Please just drop us a line or select 'gift' at checkout.

Unsure of what to buy your Saltwater soulmate? We also offer a range of giftcards, so they can check out our selection themselves. 


Saltwater Souls jewellery is currently stocked in The Bay Surf Shop and Hunter Boardwear in our hometown of Woolacombe, and Hand Plant Shop in Ilfracombe. 

We are currently looking for new stockists to host our Saltwater Souls collection. If you would like to stock any of our Saltwater Soul jewellery, please get in touch. 


Ring size guide

The most accurate way to find your ring size is by using a ring sizer, but if you do not have one, you can use a piece of string. Wrap the string around the base your finger, marking the point where it overlaps.

Remember this will need to slide over your knuckle too. Also fingers change size in different temperatures!

Use the chart below to determine your ring size.

A - 37.8mm

J - 48.7mm

S - 60.2mm

B - 39.1mm

K - 50mm

T - 61.4mm

C - 40.4mm

L - 51.2mm

U - 62.7mm

D - 41.7mm

M - 52.5mm

V - 64mm

E - 42.9mm

N - 53.8mm

W - 65.3mm

F - 44.2mm

O - 55.1mm

X - 66.6mm

G - 45.5mm

P - 56.3mm

Y - 67.8mm

H - 46.8mm

Q - 57.6mm

Z - 68.5mm

I - 48mm

R - 58.9mm